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Colorful Insights: Unleashing the Impact of Color in Visualization
DescriptionColor is a crucial data mapping tool. In visualizations, colors represent values, but to the audience, colors already possess intrinsic meaning. These associations are often shaped by cultural and contextual factors. This BoF will be a short presentation followed by an informal discussion about the psychology of color in cinematic and traditional scientific visualization. We’ll pose questions such as: Why do certain colormaps feel “cold” and should they be used to represent melting ice caps or the spread of wildfires? Should we aim to evoke emotions based on established color associations or keep visualizations independent for unbiased data representation?
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Birds of a Feather
TimeThursday, 10 August 20232pm - 3pm PDT
LocationRoom 513
Session TimeThursday, 10 August 20232pm - 3pm PDT
LocationRoom 513
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Research & Education
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Information Visualization
Scientific Visualization
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