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WOSC Series: Mastering the Money Mindset with Ilise Benun of
DescriptionIf you don’t ask, you don’t get. Yet, far too many women, even seasoned executives, will avoid the money conversation at all costs—and that cost is steep. If we choose not to negotiate, we lose out, not just on money and other perks, but on opportunities to sharpen our negotiating skills, which pay out over the long term.

In this interactive workshop, Ilise Benun, author of the The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money, will help us develop a “strength mindset” so we can reframe negotiation from something to be avoided, to something to be embraced (and maybe even enjoyed!).
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Birds of a Feather
TimeTuesday, 8 August 202312:15pm - 1:45pm PDT
LocationRoom 513
Session TimeTuesday, 8 August 202312:15pm - 1:45pm PDT
LocationRoom 513
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