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Sponsored by Vast: Within Sight, Bridging Dimension: Generative AI From 2D to 3D to Push Boundaries for Imagination
DescriptionLowering the threshold of creative expression has long been a catalyst for social progress, which has advanced significantly in recent months due to artificial intelligence tools. Yachen Song, founder of Vast and an accomplished young entrepreneur and avid gamer, has witnessed firsthand the transformative potential of content generation across commercial and academic domains. He will demonstrate how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence are expanding access to open new frontiers for the human imagination by enabling anyone to create in a more immersive way. In this Sponsored Keynote Speaker session, Yachen will unfold the distinctive insights into 2D and 3D generative AI, covering state-of-the-art methodologies and future prospects. From the viewpoint of the younger generation, he is eager to share his experiences and insights on how he envision and construct a more innovative world using advanced AI technology.

Yachen Song, with a degree from Johns Hopkins University, founded Vast in 2023. He has extensive strategic planning and execution experience in SenseTime’s CEO office, where he spearheaded bringing generative AI to life for the animation and gaming industry. Song was also an early co-founder of MiniMax, a rising AI unicorn in Asia. As a hardcore gamer with a strong belief in immersive futures, he has devoted himself at Vast to democratizing 3D content for everyone globally through groundbreaking technologies.
Founder, and CEO of Vast
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TimeThursday, 10 August 20232pm - 3pm PDT
LocationWest Hall B
Session TimeThursday, 10 August 20232pm - 3pm PDT
LocationWest Hall B
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