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Light Stage History Exhibit
DescriptionThe University of Southern Californian Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) was part of a Smithsonian-lead team that created a 3D portrait of President Obama. A transportable Light Stage X system with eight cameras and 50 LED lights captured detailed shape and reflectance properties of the President's face in seconds at 0.1mm resolution. The Light Stage data was processed by the ICT Graphics Lab team, and subsequently combined with additional data capture by the Smithsonian team to create a life-sized bust and life mask of the president for the National Portrait Gallery.

This exhibit shows the presidential light stage which was operated in the State Dining Room of The White House on June 9, 2014 to scan President Obama, including its 50 custom LED light sources illuminated in the red, white, and blue colors of the American Flag.

A display case includes light sources from a nearly complete history of the Light Stage systems, including the light from SIGGRAPH 2000's Light Stage 1, SIGGRAPH 2001's Light Stage 2, SIGGRAPH 2002's Light Stage 3, SIGGRAPH 2005's Light Stage 5, SIGGRAPH 2006's Light Stage 6, SIGGRAPH Asia 2011's Light Stage X2, and SIGGRAPH 2016's Light Stage X3, used for numerous films and games.
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TimeTuesday, 8 August 202310am - 6pm PDT
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Tuesday, 8 August 202310am - 6pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
Wednesday, 9 August 202310am - 6pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
Thursday, 10 August 202310am - 4pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
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