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Computer Graphics Timeline: from 1974 to 2023
DescriptionThis animated timeline highlights significant computer graphics and interactive technique-related achievements, innovations, creative breakthroughs, and other events since the first SIGGRAPH conference in 1974. There are eight different categories: Awards, Organizations, SIGGRAPH Accomplishments, Applications, Software and Hardware development, Animation and Art and Design. The 1500+ entries were added by a large group of pioneers, artists, SIGGRAPH volunteers, industry specialists, educators, and community members. The group collaborated during a series of Timeline-a-thon meetings and reached out to their communities for input. This timeline represents not only the diverse history of the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques, but also showcases the spirit of innovation and creativity of the people involved in this community.

Special thanks to Richard Addison-Wood, Jordi Alonso, Karl Anderson, Norm Badler, Jim Blinn, Chanhee Choi, Joe Cychosz, Paul Debevec, Bob Ellis, Nick England, Eliot Feibush, Steve Feiner, Jim Foley, Tom Gambill, Andrew Garrard, Copper Giloth, Glenn Goldman, Julian E Gómaz, Paul Hertz, Jeff Jortner, Dave Kasik, Ed Kramer, Ryan Laney, Valerie Lettera-Spletzer, Nelson Max, Bonnie Mitchell, Jocelyn Moffatt, Jacqueline Ford Morie, Michael Pique, Nicholas Polys, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Jan Searleman, Alvy Ray Smith, Maureen Stone, Mary Whitton and all the other pioneers that helped with entries.
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TimeSunday, 6 August 20231:30pm - 5pm PDT
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Sunday, 6 August 20231:30pm - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Foyer
Monday, 7 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Foyer
Tuesday, 8 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Foyer
Wednesday, 9 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Foyer
Thursday, 10 August 202311am - 3:30pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Foyer
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