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Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display (2008)
DescriptionUnveiled at SIGGRAPH2008, the world's first demonstration of an airborne ultrasonic tactile display heralded a new era in the realm of haptic interaction. This groundbreaking system utilized a phased array comprising 324 ultrasonic transducers, enabling high-speed, high-resolution tactile interaction in mid-air. In the 15 years since, the field of ultrasonic haptics has not only been firmly established but has seen an influx of innovative researchers pushing the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring continuous technological progress.

The impact of ultrasonic phased arrays was further magnified at SIGGRAPH2014, where the technology was applied to the domain of acoustic levitation, thus spearheading the research field of acoustic holography-based levitation. Unlike the traditional approaches to high-intensity ultrasonics, which relied on Langevin transducers driven by high voltages of hundreds of volts, phased array systems have demonstrated the ability to form a focus at any given position, driven by much lower voltages in the range of tens of volts.

As we look ahead, the scope of this technology is set to expand even further. With the continuous improvement of computational abilities, we can expect to see even broader and more sophisticated applications of these systems in the future.
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TimeWednesday, 9 August 202310am - 6pm PDT
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Wednesday, 9 August 202310am - 6pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
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