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ActiveCube (2003): a TUI Bridging between the Physical and Virtual world.
DescriptionActiveCube represents a novel user interface that facilitates a more intuitive interaction with computer systems. It enables users to construct and engage with three-dimensional (3D) environments via tangible cubes, each of which is embedded with a range of input/output devices such as full-colour LEDs, buzzers, vibrators, and ultrasonic sensors.

Inherent to each cube is a microprocessor, granting the capability to control the associated input/output devices, in addition to facilitating communication with neighbouring cubes and a PC via their interconnected facets. ActiveCube enables users to assemble desired structures simply combining blocks. And the corresponding geometric configuration is automatically discerned in real-time by the PC through inter-cube communication.

Interaction with the resulting structure is then accomplished through the incorporated input/output devices. Consequently, a consistent congruence is persistently maintained between the tangible construct and its virtual representation within the computer system. This congruence encompasses spatial, temporal, and functional elements, providing a seamless user experience.

The versatility of ActiveCube has been showcased in the development of various applications, spanning from cognitive ability assessment tools to an intuitive 3D model retrieval system, as well as educational entertainment (edutainment) tools aimed at children. The ActiveCube can transform the way humans interact with digital environments.
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TimeTuesday, 8 August 202310am - 6pm PDT
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Tuesday, 8 August 202310am - 6pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
Wednesday, 9 August 202310am - 6pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
Thursday, 10 August 202310am - 4pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
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