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Vulture Culture - A Visual History of SIGGRAPH Collectibles
DescriptionSince the early days of SIGGRAPH conferences, collectible items such as pins, tote bags, hats, CD-ROMS, DVDs, video tapes, mouse pads, watches, coffee cups, etc. have been distributed at the annual conferences. These items were eagerly collected by the community and coveted and traded over the years. At the 50th SIGGRAPH conference (SIGGRAPH 2023), we showcase the history of SIGGRAPH swag as a means of provoking memories and illustrating the material culture (often referred to as Vulture Culture) aspect of the SIGGRAPH conferences.

Mary Whitton, Maxine Brown, Dana Pleyps, Pete Segal, Lou Harrison, Ken Turkowski, Kelly Booth, Craig Kaplan, Stephen Mann, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Brad Lawrence, Julian Gómaz, Kerry Kirkpatrick, and many other pioneers for contributing items to the ACM SIGGRAPH Master Collection of swag. Thank you to El Afroozan, Stephanie Vento, Mariah Palmer and Leia Verhoff for photographing, formatting, entering and inventorying the swag.
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TimeSunday, 6 August 20231:30pm - 5pm PDT
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Sunday, 6 August 20231:30pm - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Monday, 7 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Tuesday, 8 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Wednesday, 9 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Thursday, 10 August 202311am - 3:30pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
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