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ACM SIGGRAPH History Archive
DescriptionThe ACM SIGGRAPH History Archives (physical and online) is a team effort involving students, interns, volunteers, and computer graphic pioneers. The conference will display the online archive ( - the physical archive is located at Bowling Green State University (host of the second SIGGRAPH conference). These archives include information about presentations, art shows, screenings and other events presented at the annual conference. The ACM SIGGRAPH History archive is in progress and is constantly evolving.

The Archive Team in the past year consisted of: Bonnie Mitchell and Jan Searleman (co-directors), Alexa Mahajan, Luis Wilson, Joe Jadach (programmers and UI designers), Pete Segal, Elaheh Afroozan, Stephanie Vento, Mariah Palmer, Lane Sykes, Laura Artsuo, Leia Verhoff, Hannah Mesenburg, Vinuthna Gadilla, Daniel Motilla, Joe Giegel, and Manuel Alducin (content management and imaging/design) and Monserratt Meza Rico and Mariana Martínez Uribe (icon designers).

Special thanks to: Mary Whitton, Maxine Brown, Dana Pleyps, Pete Segal, Lou Harrison, Ken Turkowski, Kelly Booth, Craig Kaplan, Stephen Mann, Cynthia Rubin, Brad Lawrence, Julian Gómaz, Kerry Kirkpatrick, and many other pioneers for contributing items to the archive. Also, many thanks to our sponsors: ACM History Committee, ACM SIGGRAPH History Committee, the Maxwell-Hanrahan Foundation, Bob Ellis, and Branko Gerovac.
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TimeSunday, 6 August 20231:30pm - 5pm PDT
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Sunday, 6 August 20231:30pm - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Monday, 7 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Tuesday, 8 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Wednesday, 9 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Thursday, 10 August 202311am - 3:30pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
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