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AR SIGGRAPH T-shirt Magic Mirror
DescriptionThe AR Magic Mirror is an Augmented Reality installation that uses technology from Snap to enable people to see virtual clothing and accessories superimposed over their real bodies in real time. In this case, the technology will be used to showcase t-shirts, hats and pins from the last 50 years of SIGGRAPH. People can stand in front of the display and see themselves wearing their favorite t-shirt and accessories from the past. They will be able to take a picture of themselves wearing the t-shirt and share on their social media. Using an intuitive touch screen interface and gesture interface, they will be able to select from over 120 t-shirts from previous SIGGRAPH conferences.

Special Thanks to:
Bonnie Mitchell, Elaheh Afroozan, Rachel Krieger, Bryanna Liptak, Erin Main, Hannah Mesenburg, Drew Stiles, Noah Taylor, Lizzy Varis, Stephanie Vento, Seth Dementer
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TimeSunday, 6 August 20231:30pm - 5pm PDT
Session Time & Location
Sunday, 6 August 20231:30pm - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Monday, 7 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Tuesday, 8 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Wednesday, 9 August 202311am - 5pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
Thursday, 10 August 202311am - 3:30pm PDTWest Building, Concourse Alcoves
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New Technologies
Augmented Reality
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