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The vDen, a Tribute to the CAVE (1992)
DescriptionThe CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment was introduced at SIGGRAPH '92 by the Electronic Visualization Lab from the University of Illinois at Chicago. It remains a powerful VR display system with a high level of user immersion and excels in team-shared experiences. The team from University of Central Florida's VARLab, run by the lead creator of the original CAVE system, Dr Carolina Cruz-Neira, demonstrates the vDen, a modern version of the iconic design. The vDen brings the original CAVE concept to the consumer pro market as a compact, portable, and cost-effective system in which the interactive experiences are designed and built using standard game engine technologies compatible with development techniques used for current VR headsets.

The VARLab team has recreated a set of the original applications that were used to introduce the CAVE at SIGGRAPH'92 and re-imagined them applying current graphical and computational capabilities. Additionally, the VARLab in collaboration with UCF’s School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training and the College of Engineering is showing novel applications in current trends for digital twins, medical education, traffic safety, and the art.

Special Thanks to the UCF’s Knights Digital Twin Initiative for sponsoring this exhibit.
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TimeTuesday, 8 August 202310am - 6pm PDT
Session Time & Location
Tuesday, 8 August 202310am - 6pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
Wednesday, 9 August 202310am - 6pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
Thursday, 10 August 202310am - 4pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
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