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IEG - Graphics Researcher
New Yoork
DescriptionWork Mode:
• Strong understanding and hand-on experience on physics-based simulation and computer graphics.
• Ability to optimize graphics related methods and algorithms.
• Strong coding skills of C/C++.
• Strong foundation in math, such as calculus, linear algebra, numerical methods.
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
• Publications in top computer graphics conferences or journals, e.g. SIGGRAPH/SIGGRAPH Asia, SGP, etc.
• GPU programming experiences.
• Experiences in computer graphics software, e.g. Maya, 3D Max, Blender or Houdini.
• Familiar with popular game engines, e.g. Unity, Unreal.
• Machine learning and deep learning skills.
• Proficient in Python.

Tencent START is looking for a group of enthusiastic and talented graphics programmers and researchers, working with us on a very forward-looking and pioneering project.
Responsibilities:1. Explore new developments in various fields, such as fluid simulation, photorealistic rendering, biological animation generation by machine learning, process generation (characters, scenes, etc.), mesh simplification, and other research fields.2. Work with the engineers to integrate the leading-edge research outcomes into our product.
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Job Posting
TimeSunday, 6 August 20238am - 9:30am PDT
Session TimeSunday, 6 August 20238am - 9:30am PDT