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LBE Game Design: How to Join Roto's Media Lab
Columbus, Ohio
DescriptionImagine finding a job in game design where you can build environments the size of buildings, instead of smartphones and where you produce game experiences that drive genuine human connection instead of isolation.

And how would you like to be part of a team where your ideas become reality within months, not years?

The Roto Media Lab is launching a new venture in 2023 that will push the boundaries of how people play and interact in the real world, and we are looking to expand our team of visionary designers, producers, and developers to help bring it to life.

Roto is North America’s leading producer of interactive and immersive experiences for museums and attractions -- from the Smithsonian to Google to Universal and Disney.
Event Type
Job Posting
TimeSunday, 6 August 20238am - 9:30am PDT
Session TimeSunday, 6 August 20238am - 9:30am PDT