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The Evolution of SIGGRAPH Experience Venues
DescriptionIn the beginning, there was a nascent community of a few hundred researchers advancing the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques who, after having created the ACM SIGGRAPH organization, decided to hold an annual conference to meet and to share their work and ideas.

Short on funds but charged with creativity and open to new ideas, the conference grew from hundreds to thousands of attendees within five years, and from a technical venues for papers, tutorials and panels to what we know and appreciate today: The Experiences.

SIGGRAPH’s many venues, which now seem to have “always been here,” are actually the result of the organic growth of the fields of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (and all the diverse activities that fall under this huge umbrella). SIGGRAPH attracts researchers, educators, students, artists, animators, musicians, hardware and software developers, companies, and makers at all levels who share their knowledge — to advance the field and to apply lessons learned in ever more creative ways.

Come listen to how and why venues, such as the Computer Animation Festival, the Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies, The Studio/Labs and the Exhibition, came into existence. Sometimes these were easy births and sometimes not. Learn about the growing pains and inflection points that were encountered along the way as these venues evolved. You might just come away with insights into how to encourage new collaborations, nurture ideas, and strengthen your organizations today.
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TimeThursday, 10 August 20232pm - 3:30pm PDT
LocationRoom 403 AB
Session TimeThursday, 10 August 20232pm - 3:30pm PDT
LocationRoom 403 AB
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