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Breaking Boxes - Storytelling, Empowering Women, Building Academy Award-winning Studios, Facing Imposter Syndrome, and Practicing Silence!
DescriptionVani's roller-coaster journey involves setting up "DANCINGATOMS," an IP development studio in Los Angeles and Mumbai, focusing on authentic Indian animated films. As a director and creator, she has gained acclaim for her short films and documentaries, with Stories by Women selecting her preschool animated project for pitching at ANNECY 2022.

She shares her experiences as a woman in creative leadership, navigating risks, and egos, and combating depression and imposter syndrome. With her extensive industry background, including roles at DreamWorks Animation and as the founder of Rhythm & Hues Asia, Vani has contributed to acclaimed films like "Life of Pi" and "The Golden Compass." She is a strong advocate for women in the creative industry, serving as the creative director for the Women Creators Program in partnership with Unreal and Epic Games. Vani's mentoring efforts extend to THU, STL, WIA, ASIFA India, and Women in Animation.

In her personal life, Vani enjoys bringing laughter to her husband, indulging in journaling, acrylic painting, Himalayan mountain walks, and regular periods of silence.
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