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Dismantling Diversity Barriers within Animation and VFX: What the ASWF is Doing and How You Can Help
DescriptionThe Academy Software Foundation's Summer Learning Program presentattion will highlight the work that the ASWF is doing to drive more diverse people into the technical fields of Animation and VFX. This is the 3rd year running the SLP with about 20 learners each year. The SLP's core purpose is to Build Community (mentorship, peer networking, and curated talks) and Enhance Skills (through individualized training suggestions and team check-ins). The ASWF's Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (out of which the SLP was created), also supports other initiatives to break down barriers within Animation/VFX industries including ASWF representation and diversity, outreach and education, and resource/guidance.
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ACM SIGGRAPH Village In-Person
TimeMonday, 7 August 20239am - 10am PDT
LocationRoom 501 AB
Session TimeMonday, 7 August 20239am - 10am PDT
LocationRoom 501 AB
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