August Black is a hybrid practitioner of art, design, and engineering that critically engages with techno-social systems in playful and evocative ways. He creates software, systems, and spaces through experimental research in the overlapping areas of new formats, network dynamics, and virtual architectures with a focus on audio and transmission. His activities tend to evoke themes of power, migration, play, noise, and chance while operating under methods of collaboration, commons-building, and communal interaction.

His past work focused on live networked audio, mixing FM radio with user input through online software. Currently, he is investigating novel ways to use global networking for local and hyper-local real-time communication using mobile devices.

Previously, he's been a member or organizations such as the ORF Kunstradio, the Ars Electronica Futurelab, the UCSB BioImaging Lab, and Cycling ’74 - the makers of Max/MSP. He holds a Phd in Media, Arts, & Technology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is currently an Assistant Professor at Colorado University Boulder in the Department of Critical Media Practices.
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