Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Theresa-Marie Rhyne has over twenty-five years of experience in producing and colorizing digital media and visualization. At SIGGRAPH 2018, she organized the panel “Color Mavens Advise on Digital Media Creation and Tools”. She has consulted with the Stanford University Visualization Group on a Color Suggestion Prototype System, the Center for Visualization at the University of California at Davis and the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah on applying color theory to Ensemble Data Visualization. Prior to her consulting work, she founded two visualization centers: (a) the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Scientific Visualization Center in the 1990s and (b) the Center for Visualization and Analytics at North Carolina State University in the 2000s. Theresa-Marie is a long time contributor to the SIGGRAPH community and has taught tutorials at prior SIG CHI and IEEE VIS events. Her book on “Applying Color Thoery to Digital Media and Visualzation” was published by CRC Press in November 2016.
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