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Gather with your computer graphics community at events hosted by the ACM SIGGRAPH Standing Committees. Want to get involved year-round? Learn more about year-round opportunities here.

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About the ACM SIGGRAPH Village

The ACM SIGGRAPH Village is the expression of ACM SIGGRAPH’s year-round activities. During conference week, Standing Committee members, Executive Committee members, and affiliates will be available in the Village to talk to conference participants about their area of knowledge.

ACM SIGGRAPH’s mission is to nurture, champion, and connect researchers, educators, and practitioners of computer graphics and interactive techniques. The ACM SIGGRAPH organization presents a diverse offering of programs and services for its members and the computer graphics community at the SIGGRAPH conferences and year-round. These activities include focused and online communities, career and professional development, external relations, and more. Find out more on the ACM SIGGRAPH website.

ACM SIGGRAPH members have opportunities to participate and network with online and in-person communities and learn and grow their careers year-round. Discover what opportunities for connection await at SIGGRAPH 2023. Learn more about ACM SIGGRAPH membership, and connect with these communities to enjoy year-round activities and volunteer opportunities!

Thesis Fast Forward

Check out past Thesis Fast Forward highlights and join us in the ACM SIGGRAPH Village for Thesis Fast Forward on Tuesday, 8 August at 9 am PDT.

Standing Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved! Learn more about how you can get involved by reviewing details about Standing Committees, their mission, activities, and volunteer opportunities below.

The below list encompasses Standing Committees that will be represented at SIGGRAPH 2023. This list is subject to change as SIGGRAPH 2023 approaches. 


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM provides the computing field’s premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources.

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Professional and Student Chapters

Local and regional chapters throughout the world help the ACM SIGGRAPH community promote excellence in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The 50 professional and student chapters organize meetings, site visits, conferences, screenings, art shows, and special events year-round.

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Digital Arts

The mission of the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Committee is to foster year-round engagement and dialogue within the digital, electronic, computational, and media arts. We facilitate dynamic scholarship and creative programming within the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. Our goal is to promote collaboration between artists and the larger computer graphics and interactive techniques community.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The ACM SIGGRAPH Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee’s mission is to promote inclusivity, equity, and access to empower a diversity of people and content across all communities and to inspire our members to tell authentic stories through computer graphics and interactive techniques.

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The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee works to support educators in computer graphics and interactive techniques and encompasses technical, creative, applied, and interdisciplinary studies at all post-secondary levels that intersect curricular areas of computer science, engineering, art, architecture, design, and related disciplines. The Education Committee undertakes a broad range of projects and activities in support of the education community, such as developing curriculum guidelines, providing instructional resources, organizing SIGGRAPH conference-related activities, and outreach.

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Interactive and Immersive Experiences

The Interactive and Immersive Experiences Committee supports researchers and practitioners involved in the design and creation of interactive and immersive experiences (including AR, VR, projection, computer vision, sensors, and related technologies). We aim to increase the amount and quality of interactive and immersive experiences shown at SIGGRAPH, support the development of the best practices across the interactive and immersive design community, and efforts in career development and education in these areas for SIGGRAPH members.

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International Resources

The International Resources Committee promotes and connects ACM SIGGRAPH and our global community. Our sessions on the topic of international work climate to regional-focused research and industry trends offer the SIGGRAPH community valuable information and helpful services.

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Members of this networking, mentorship, advisory, and philanthropic group are passionate advocates of computer graphics and interactive techniques who share their opinions with the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee and conference committees to help shape the future of the organization. Twenty years of experience in some aspect of computer graphics or interactive techniques is required for Pioneers membership. There is an additional dues cost, which goes toward our annual Pioneers Reception at the conference, where we can catch up with old friends and hear a presentation from a Featured Speaker recognized for their lifelong contributions to the industry.

In 2021, we began a series of year-round panels, presenting experts on topics of historical significance to the development of CGI. Those videos can be found on the ACM SIGGRAPH YouTube Channel.

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ACM SIGGRAPH Community Group for Women in Graphics Research (WiGRAPH’s) mission is to help increase the number of women pursuing cutting-edge research in computer graphics by creating environments where women researchers can interact with each other and seek role models, mentorship, and encouragement.

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The ACM SIGGRAPH History Committee engages in activities to collect, preserve, and make accessible materials concerning the history of ACM SIGGRAPH and its role in the development of computer graphics research and the computer graphics industry. It encourages and supports the development of histories of both people and technological innovation that document the impact of SIGGRAPH and the field.

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This committee consists of the chairs of all the Awards Committees — Technical Awards, Practitioner, Service, Art, Education, Outstanding Dissertation, and SIGGRAPH Academy Selection. Their jobs are to guide their respective committees to select, from those who are nominated, the current year’s award winners and Academy inductees. We also facilitate the nomination of ACM SIGGRAPH members to higher ACM levels, e.g., Distinguished Scientists and/or ACM Fellows, and other ACM awards. We prepare the Awards announcements and ceremonies at the conferences.

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S3 Early Career Development

S3 Early Career Development Committee’s mission is to plan, develop, and facilitate activities that bring additional year-round value to the student members and emerging professionals of ACM SIGGRAPH through integration with the SIGGRAPH community and career development. This includes individuals who are pursing undergraduate and graduate education, as well as those within their first three years after graduation.

S3 also provides continuity and institutional memory for the Student Volunteer and intern programs at the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences and collaborates with other SIGGRAPH entities on issues that affect student and emerging professionals. S3s signature programs include “Resume and Reel Reviews” known as S3R3, Conference Apprentice Program (CAP/Formerly XSV Program), and a monthly online portfolio clinic.

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Practitioner Career Development

The ACM SIGGRAPH Practitioner Career Development Committee (SIGGRAPH PCDC) supports the professional development of computer graphics and interactive techniques practitioners across different industries worldwide.

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Research Career Development

The SIGGRAPH Research Career Development Committee aims to foster the growth and diversity of the graphics research community through mentorship, advocacy, professional development, and support.

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Volunteer Development

The Volunteer Development Committee (VDC) serves two primary objectives. First, the VDC seeks to leverage the broad enthusiasm, energy, and talent available among our volunteer community to support and enhance the overall mission and events of ACM SIGGRAPH. Second, the VDC provides onboarding and ongoing support, mentorship, and leadership development for ACM SIGGRAPH volunteers in their roles within the organization.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee includes all volunteer officers, volunteer chairs, and other directors of ACM SIGGRAPH and is led by the chair.

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The Governance Committee works to ensure that our structure, policies, and procedures are reflective of what we do, what we should be doing, and are the most effective and efficient possible.

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The Nominations Committee is always seeking volunteer members who are interested in serving as standing committee chairs and Executive Committee directors. Please reach out to us if you are interested to learn more!

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Information Technology Services

The ITS Committee manages and supports various technology services for the ACM SIGGRAPH organization and conferences.

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The Publications Committee documents the content presented at SIGGRAPH-sponsored events. It coordinates with authors, program chairs, and ACM personnel on all matters related to ACM publications.

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The Communications Committee shares information and news about SIGGRAPH the SIGGRAPH Community as well as to the world at large via the ACM SIGGRAPH website and social media channels.

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External Relations

The ACM SIGGRAPH External Relations Committee manages existing relationships and establishes new ones with professional societies, organizations, and conferences that are external to ACM. Working with the Executive Committee (EC), this committee identifies and establishes relationships with new organizations according to the strategic plan.

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The Membership Committee coordinates all ACM SIGGRAPH activities designed to benefit our members and explores new ways to enhance the value of membership. We investigate, identify, and recommend to the Executive Committee (EC) better ways to recruit, retain, and support members and volunteers and to ensure responsiveness, inclusiveness, and diversity.

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Advisory Groups

Conference Advisory Group

The Conference Advisory Group, or CAG, is a volunteer-led group which provides multi-year policy and procedural oversight for all conference planning. This team develops and maintains policies that affect the SIGGRAPH conference, helps prepare the conference budget, recruits and onboards new conference chairs and CAG chairs, researches and recommends locations for future years of the conference, conducts program reviews, RFPs for conference contacts, and more. This group also collaborates with the Executive Committee (EC) and strategy groups to help identify the organization’s goals and structure the conference in support of those goals and meeting the needs of our community.

The CAG consists of the CAG Chair, all current conference chairs (usually the current year, the next year, and two years out), at least one and up to two members of the ACM SIGGRAPH EC as representatives to the CAG, and up to two external representatives. The ACM liaison to ACM SIGGRAPH and several conference management contract leads also participate in a non-voting capacity.

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SIGGRAPH Asia/SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Advisory Group

SIGGRAPH Asia (SA) is an international conference hosted in the Asia-Pacific region. SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Advisory Group (SACAG) and the SIGGRAPH Asia Conference is familiar with ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH and can work closely with all groups to build a bridge on strategic visions and priorities.

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Computer Animation Festival Advisory Board

The Computer Animation Festival Advisory Board (CAFAB) is made up of past and future festival directors and provides a long-term vision to the the festivals at the two SIGGRAPH conferences.

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Technical Papers Advisory Group

The Papers Advisory Group (PAG) mission is to represent the institutional memory of the Technical Papers program, support the Technical Papers Chairs, provide continuity and communication among the Technical Papers Chairs, and represent the papers community in multi-year, cross-conference issues.

The PAG’s appointed members have the following additional responsibility of recommending and vetting Technical Papers Chairs to the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Chairs.

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Arts Advisory Group

The Arts Advisory Group (AAG) ensures that Art Gallery and Art Papers continue to be valued SIGGRAPH programs that serve the artist community and beyond. This group also provides counsel to the Conference Advisory Group (CAG) and SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Advisory Group (SACAG), as needed, on multi-year, cross-conference issues that affect the Art Gallery and Art Papers community. Membership includes past, present, and future arts venue chairs, with an executive committee consisting of the AAG Chair, the Digital Arts Community Chair, and 2-3 appointed members who are distinguished contributors to the field of digital arts.

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