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Be part of history as we celebrate 50 years of SIGGRAPH conferences by reflecting on major achievements in computer graphics and interactive techniques from the past as well as exploring the potential innovation and creativity to come. The 50th conference will honor renowned individuals, seminal research, creative breakthroughs, and milestones in computer graphics and interactive techniques from 1974 to the present, along with a glimpse into possible futures.

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Celebrate 50 Years of SIGGRAPH Conferences

SIGGRAPH 2023 has surprises in store for you as we celebrate this milestone conference. Embark on a journey through SIGGRAPH history by visiting the exciting Time Tunnel Experiences. View the 50 Years at a Glance posters and screen displays that creatively visualize the evolution of computer graphics over the past 50 years. Plus, explore artifacts and archives from SIGGRAPH and computer graphics history with the From Computer Graphics’ Past to the Future display. Dive into this content on the full program, and be sure to add it to your schedule.

Participate in and attend special Retrospective panels designed in celebration of the 50th conference. Reflect on the past and look ahead to SIGGRAPH’s and the industry’s vibrant future with industry legends. And don’t miss the SIGGRAPH Bowl game show! Learn more on the full program, and add these special events to your schedule.


Seeking Content for the 50 Years of SIGGRAPH Conferences Celebration

SIGGRAPH is seeking old and new images, videos, and physical artifacts such as graphics hardware, swag, and documents to help us celebrate the 50th SIGGRAPH conference, taking place at SIGGRAPH 2023 in Los Angeles.

The SIGGRAPH 2023 50th Conference celebration will take participants on a metaphorical journey from 1974 to the present and then into the future through a physically immersive experience that is nostalgic for some and informative for others by:

  • Highlighting significant changes and outstanding achievements in the computer graphics and interactive techniques field since the first SIGGRAPH conference in 1974.
  • Providing a fun, informative experience for all participants.

Please join us in celebrating 50 years of SIGGRAPH conferences in Los Angeles.

Bonnie Mitchell
SIGGRAPH 2023 History Chair

How to Submit

SIGGRAPH 2023 will gather in person in Los Angeles and online starting 6 August. We look forward to celebrating the 50th SIGGRAPH conference dedicated to computer graphics and interactive techniques and are excited that you are considering submitting your work for consideration.

Log into the submission portal, select the “Make a New Submission” tab, and select the 50th SIGGRAPH Conference Celebration form.

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What to Submit

Digital Images, Videos, and Physical Artifacts for the Time Tunnel

Submissions should be tied to a specific period of time (1974-2023) that reference significant innovations, events, trends, or people. (Exhibited or presented projects from past SIGGRAPH conferences are also welcome):

  • Digital Images: Photos of people, labs, equipment, events, etc. Scanned photos of past SIGGRAPH conferences, images of labs and hardware, photos of important people, old CG advertisements, etc.
  • Video: Demo reels from early CG companies, videos of important achievements or creative works, interviews of people, etc.
  • Artifacts: Hardware (prototypes, commercial, or experimental), swag or other artifacts from the past.

Collections and Infographics/Information Visualizations 

  • Collections: An assortment or group of physical artifacts, photos, or other items that address issues related to a span of years in CGI or SIGGRAPH history.
  • Information Visualizations: Poster or screen display of a visual analysis or graph of a specific aspect of computer graphics or interactive techniques within a range of years related to CGI or SIGGRAPH history. Posters must be printed 24” x 36” (609.6mm x 914.4mm) wide or tall.

Postcards From the Future

  • Digital image of an illustrated postcard 6” x 4” (15.24cm x 10.15cm) at 300 dpi that depicts what the future might look like in 50 years.
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Each submission will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Relevancy to the history of SIGGRAPH, Computer Graphics or Interactive Techniques and the existing plans for the 50th celebration
  • Quality of image, poster, display or artifact
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Upon Acceptance

Notification of acceptance of your submission will be sent via email late-April 2023.

This call for submissions is unique to the 50th conference celebration. Because this program is seeking a range of artifacts and images from the past, acceptance will be dependent on the nature and variety of content submitted. A select group of SIGGRAPH Pioneers will review submissions and SIGGRAPH will communicate expectations and requests to accepted contributors.

Shipping of Equipment/Artifacts
If your image or artifact is accepted, you are responsible for uploading, bringing or shipping the material to Los Angeles, California before the conference and for return shipment of the equipment/materials. If equipment is needed, some equipment may be rented at the conference.

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22 February 2023, 22:00 UTC/GMT
Submission deadline

Late-April 2023
Acceptance or rejection notices are sent to all submitters.

6–10 August 2023

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