Welcome to SIGGRAPH 2023

Speaker Preparation

Contributing to SIGGRAPH 2023? Peruse this list of information for the presentation of your work during the conference and share the news that you’re a contributor with your social networks.

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Thank you for participating in SIGGRAPH 2023. SIGGRAPH’s mission remains the same – to deliver cutting-edge, compelling content to the computer graphics and interactive techniques communities.


A key element of your SIGGRAPH 2023 presentation is your electronic slide preparation. The audience will base its evaluation of you and your subject matter partly on the visual representation of your work and your presentation’s legibility and organization.

Presentation Resources Contributor Recognition Policy Representative Image Guidelines Author Instructions: How to Prepare Your Material for Publication Uploading Files


Presenter Keynote
Presenter PPTX
Presenter Google Slides

Use of the Slide Template
Use of the template is recommended but not required. However, please use the template for your title slide even if you chose not to use it for all your other slides.

Keeping your presentation within your program’s allotted amount of time is crucial when operating under a tight SIGGRAPH schedule. See below for some timing tips and tricks:

  • Find out how much time is allowed for your presentation, and then plan your talk and your number of slides accordingly to allow for a relaxed pace.
  • Think of what you would change if the presentation had to be shortened or lengthened.
  • Practice your talk before the conference. Time yourself.
  • Force yourself to slow down a little; a rushed presentation will create more stress for you and won’t be compelling.


  • The technical session rooms at SIGGRAPH 2023 are large, and your presentation must be legible from the back row. If you can stand two meters away from your computer’s monitor and easily read your slides, your text is large enough. To achieve this, limit each slide to eight lines of text or less and limit each line of text to 30 characters or fewer. Use a bold typeface, no smaller than 28 points, with generous line spacing.
  • Use keywords so that your slides will be quick and easy to read. You want the audience to hear your presentation, while the slides accentuate the points to remember. Use standard fonts. That way your presentation will be truly portable. Incorporate only the essential parts of a diagram and simplify whenever possible. While it is tempting to include detail for the sake of accuracy, too much will make the slide difficult to read and become a distraction. Break up complex diagrams into sections if you can, so that each section can be made larger and therefore more legible.


  • Except when part of the template style, avoid the use of ALL CAPITAL letters. Words written in ALL CAPS are harder to read and take up more space on the screen. Use bold face and italics for emphasis, or use a bright color such as yellow text when normal body text is white. Underlined text is not recommended.

Color and Contrast

  • Make good use of color and contrast. Dark backgrounds tend to be easier to view, especially with light text and graphics. Good background color choices are black, blue, maroon, or gradient dark colors. Good text colors are white or yellow. Some of the interior slides in our template use a white background. When using these slides, use black or very dark text and graphics. Maintain consistency throughout your slides. Using the same background color, text size, text color, and uniform fonts throughout all the slides makes it easier for the audience to follow the flow of your ideas.

We Can Help!
Send your questions or concerns to your program chair by filling out the contact form found at the bottom of this and most pages.

Promote Your Presence

Use the below social media post suggestions to invite your professional networks, colleagues, and peers to attend your presentation at SIGGRAPH 2023. You can use the below copy as is or customize and make them your own! When posting about your session, tag the SIGGRAPH social channel accounts and use hashtag #SIGGRAPH2023 to amplify your impact.

Facebook (@SIGGRAPH Conferences) Twitter (@siggraph) LinkedIn (@ACM SIGGRAPH) Instagram (@acmsiggraph) YouTube (@ACMSIGGRAPH)


  • Join me 6–10 August as #SIGGRAPH2023 celebrates 50 years of computer graphics and interactive techniques excellence! Register today to attend my session [insert session] to learn more about [insert session topic]. I would love to see you there! https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/
  • Are you looking to learn more about [insert session topic]? Then register for #SIGGRAPH2023, the premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques, to hear me speak about [insert session topic] at this milestone moment in #CG history. https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/
  • Reflect. Predict. Celebrate. @siggraph is hosting its 50th annual premier conference 6–10 August, and you don’t want to miss it! Come see my session [insert session] and witness the most transformative innovations in #art, #research, #newtech, and more at #SIGGRAPH2023.  https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/


  • I will be presenting at #SIGGRAPH2023 this August, will you be joining me? Experience my session [insert session] and step into the future of infinite possibilities. Register today: https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/ (cc: @SIGGRAPHConferences)
  • Wish I could give you a sneak peek into my presentation on [insert session topic], but it’s too exciting to share! Discover new possibilities and innovations when your register to join us at #SIGGRAPH2023 in Los Angeles, 6–10 August. https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/
  • I’m so excited to be a part of the past, present, and future of computer graphics at #SIGGRAPH2023, 6–10 August! I will be speaking on [insert session topic] at this milestone event in @SIGGRAPHConferences history. Registration is open: https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/


  • I am thrilled to be presenting at #SIGGRAPH2023, 6–10 August! Join me and make your mark on the next 50 years of innovation by experiencing the past, present, and future of computer graphics research including my research on [insert session topic]. Registration for SIGGRAPH’s 50th conference celebration is open. See you in Los Angeles! https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/ (cc: @ACM SIGGRAPH)
  • Registration is open for @ACM SIGGRAPH’s 50th conference celebration along with seats to see my presentation [insert session]. Inspire your creativity by joining me 6–10 August in Los Angeles for #SIGGRAPH2023! https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/
  • Don’t miss a moment of my presentation [insert topic]! Join me at #SIGGRAPH2023 to celebrate computer graphics and interactive techniques excellence — the #CG fun begins 6 August in Los Angeles with a Virtual Access component. Make bold predictions for the next 50 years of innovations and register for @ACM SIGGRAPH’s 50th conference celebration today. https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/

Add some visual flair to your social media posts by adding the SIGGRAPH 2023 registration video, brand new SIGGRAPH 2023 GIFs, and SIGGRAPH 2023 branded social media graphics. Click the links below to view, download, and copy links to start sharing.

SIGGRAPH 2023 Registration Video ACM SIGGRAPH GIFs Square Graphic (1080 x 1080 pixels) Rectangle Graphic (1600 x 900 pixels)

Pass-Along Email Template

Use this sample email to spread the word about your presentation at SIGGRAPH 2023! Customize the message below to share with those in your professional network who may be interested in attending SIGGRAPH 2023.

Suggested Subject Lines:

  • Attend [insert session name] at SIGGRAPH 2023
  • Make History at SIGGRAPH 2023
  • Join Me at SIGGRAPH 2023


I invite you to join me at SIGGRAPH 2023, 6–10 August. This year, we are making history as we celebrate SIGGRAPH’s 50th conference in Los Angeles. Don’t miss a moment of celebrating computer graphics and interactive techniques excellence and join me [in person in Los Angeles | remotely via SIGGRAPH’s Virtual Access option | via the Full Conference experience, which offers admission to all in-person programming in Los Angeles and access to a virtual selection of livestreamed and recorded content].

What you might not know is that SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest gathering of computer graphics and interactive techniques professionals. And, this year, I will be presenting my latest [discovery, research, demonstration, education, digital art, etc.] live. To learn more about [insert session topic], I encourage you to join me at my session, [insert session title] on [insert date of session] during SIGGRAPH 2023 in Los Angles.

Whether you’ve been in your career for five months, five years, or five decades, the SIGGRAPH conference is a professional home for you to return to year over year. Take your career to the next level and make your mark on the next 50 years of innovation. Explore what’s included in each registration option and register today at s2023.siggraph.org/register/. I look forward to seeing you there!

All the best,