About SIGGRAPH 2023

General Conference Information

As we approach SIGGRAPH 2023, check back here for on-site and Mobile and Virtual Access information, including attendee participation, accessibility, Wi-Fi, parking, food services, and more.

For the latest SIGGRAPH 2023 updates, please visit About the Conference.

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Conference Information


Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, California, 90015

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Information for Virtual Access and Virtual Access Supporter Registrants

SIGGRAPH 2023 offers Virtual Access and Virtual Access Supporter registrations for those unable to join us in Los Angeles. This registration grants you access to a selection of livestreamed and recorded content. Full Conference and Full Conference Supporter registrants also receive Virtual Access.

SIGGRAPH 2023’s Virtual Access opportunities launch on 6 August, at which time select sessions from the in-person event in Los Angeles begin streaming. Content will be livestreamed to the platform throughout the week of 6–10 August. Session recordings will be posted and available for on-demand viewing through 9 September. Visit the SIGGRAPH 2023 programs and events pages on a regular basis for SIGGRAPH 2023 content and programming updates.

Prior to the launch of Virtual Access content on 6 August, watch your inbox for an email from do_not_reply@linklings.com inviting you into SIGGRAPH 2023 Virtual Access.

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Visit the Exhibition

Watch the future come to life at the SIGGRAPH 2023 Exhibition, where you’ll see the latest hardware systems, software tools, and creative services in action. Explore innovation and technological advancements in computer graphics, digital art, animation, visual effects, new realities, artificial intelligence, research, and more. Visit the Exhibition webpages to learn more about the exciting experiences that await you at SIGGRAPH 2023.

Exhibition Hours

Tuesday, 8 August, 10 am–6 pm
Wednesday, 9 August, 10 am–6 pm
Thursday, 10 August, 10 am–4 pm

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The Los Angeles Convention Center is in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Learn more about services available to visitors here.

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SIGGRAPH and the Los Angeles Convention Center support and encourage sustainability efforts. Bring reusable water bottles, reuse a past conference lanyard, and go digital in lieu of printing materials where you can. Learn more about the Los Angeles Convention Center’s green initiatives here.

Looking for a water filling station or water fountain to refill your reusable bottle? Reference this map to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the conference.

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Children at SIGGRAPH

For child care needs, parents should contact local Los Angeles agencies, and hotels should be able to provide recommendations. If your future computer graphics whiz is tagging along to SIGGRAPH with you, please review registration requirements for minors in the Registration Pricing, Information, and Policies section of the registration webpage.

Registration Requirements for Minors
Visit the SIGGRAPH 2023 registration webpage for details about registration for minors.

Lost Children
Unattended and lost children are to be taken to the conference management office (room 409A) until parents/guardians can be located. Conference management staff will notify SIGGRAPH 2023 security and instruct them to advise their staff with respect to the discovered child, as parents will probably approach security personnel with inquiries.

Please be aware that parts of the conference may contain adult content, graphic images, or violence.

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Contact Us

If you have questions for conference management/administration, registration, the media office, Mobile and Virtual Access Support, hotel accommodations, exhibition management, or a specific program, please reach out via the contact information provided on this page.

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On-Site Information

Conference Maps

Bookmark the interactive maps to find your way through SIGGRAPH 2023, including important checkpoints like the information and registration desks, session rooms, luggage check, and more. Click a location on the full program and refer to the maps to ensure you never miss a session.

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The Los Angeles Convention Center offers convenient parking options. The West Hall Parking Garage is available, and should it become full, the South Hall Parking Garage will open. Both garages are easily accessible from major freeways and offer close parking for the convention center.

Parking garage hours are 5:30 am–9 pm daily. Learn more, including rate information on the Los Angeles Convention Center’s website.

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SIGGRAPH 2023 offers complimentary Wi-Fi for conference attendees. Connect to the SSID S2023 to access Wi-Fi throughout the Los Angeles Convention Center. You do not need a password to access this SSID.

Higher performance Wi-Fi is available for pay through SmartCity, using the SSID Exhibitor Internet. If your device only supports 2.4Ghz, please visit Room 308 for assistance.

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Badge Pickup

Visit the registration desk in West Hall A to pick up your conference badge during the following times:

  • Saturday, 5 August | 4–8 pm PDT
  • Sunday, 6 August | 8 am–6 pm PDT
  • Monday, 7, August | 8 am–6 pm PDT
  • Tuesday, 8 August | 7:30 am–6 pm PDT
  • Wednesday, 9 August | 8 am–6 pm PDT
  • Thursday, 10 August | 8:30 am–3:30 pm PDT
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Food Services

There are several food options offered within and around the Los Angeles Convention Center. Visit the Galaxy Food Court outside of West Halls A and B. A taco stand will be open near the Concourse Hall and South Lobby. Food trucks are available near Petree Plaza Monday-Thursday. Other dining options are available in the surrounding areas of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Check out the interactive maps for locations of on-site dining.

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First-Time Attendee Resources

Pathfinders will be available to help you find your way. Pathfinders is a volunteer group dedicated to mentoring first-time conference visitors. The Pathfinders team can offer detailed explanations and descriptions of all SIGGRAPH programs or venues, and help you build a schedule based on your personal skills and interests.

Pathfinders is located in the West Lobby and will be available 5-9 August during the following times:

  • Saturday, 5 August | 4–8 pm PDT
  • Sunday, 6 August | 8 am–2 pm PDT
  • Monday, 7, August | 8 am–2 pm PDT
  • Tuesday, 8 August | 8 am–2 pm PDT
  • Wednesday, 9 August | 8 am–12 pm PDT

Email siggraphfirsttime@siggraph.org regarding any questions.

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Luggage Check

The Los Angeles Convention Center business center, Image Quest, will be providing the luggage/coat check services during SIGGRAPH 2023. Luggage/coat check is located in the Concourse Hallway.

The hours of operation and pricing are as follows:

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday, 6 August | 8:30 am–6 pm PDT
  • Monday, 7 August | 8:30 am–6 pm PDT
  • Tuesday, 8 August | 8:30 am–6 pm PDT
  • Wednesday, 9 August | 8:30 am–6 pm PDT
  • Thursday, 10 August | 7:30 am–6 pm PDT


  • Half day (up to 4 hours) | $5 per item
  • Full day (more than 4 hours) | $10 per item

Check out the interactive maps for more information.

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Charging Stations

Keep your devices charged and ready for the SIGGRAPH 2023 action when you stop by one of the following charging stations:

  • Outside Business Center in the Concourse Hallway (between South and West buildings)*
  • Compass Café food court eating area
  • Outside West Hall A*
  • In the hallway outside Room 411 (Theater) at stand-up tables

*These locations offer pay-per-use charging options.

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Nursing/Parents' Room

A nursing/parents’ room is located near the First Aid/paramedic office outside of West Hall A. It is a curtained area for privacy.

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Restrooms and All Gender Restrooms

Restrooms are located throughout the conference space. You can locate all gender restrooms near the following locations:

Level 1

  • South Lobby, outside the South Exhibit Hall

Level 2

  • Outside meeting rooms 510 and 511A
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Mobile and Virtual Access

About Mobile and Virtual Access

SIGGRAPH 2023 Mobile and Virtual Access is an extended version of the full program (conference schedule) on the website — keeping all the fun in one location! While there will not be a mobile app for SIGGRAPH 2023, the full program is designed to be mobile friendly and accessible from mobile and desktop web browsers.

Full Conference Supporter/Full Conference and Virtual Access Supporter/Virtual Access registrants can use all features offered in Mobile and Virtual Access, including:

  • Livestreamed and recorded/on-demand content
  • Chat function
  • Conference polling
  • Build your schedule
  • Attendee directory

If you are registered at the Experience or Exhibits Only level, the following Mobile and Virtual Access features are available:

  • Build your schedule
  • Attendee directory

Look forward to an email coming from do_not_reply@linklings.com during the week of 31 July, inviting you into Mobile and Virtual Access and outlining details for your experience.

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Navigate SIGGRAPH: Mobile and Virtual Access FAQ

Bookmark the Navigate SIGGRAPH webpage for answers to all of your burning Mobile and Virtual Access questions so you can best navigate your conference experience.

Still have questions? Reach out to Mobile and Virtual Access Support at virtualconf@siggraph.org.

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Conference Policies

For SIGGRAPH 2023 conference policies including registration details, changes and cancellations, terms and conditions, and more, please visit the SIGGRAPH 2023 registration webpage.