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The Road to the Open Metaverse
DescriptionBuilding a metaverse for all will require unprecedented cooperation between many organizations to integrate and deploy diverse technologies such as interactive 3D graphics using USD and glTF, XR, photorealistic content authoring, geospatial systems, end-user content tooling, digital twins, real-time collaboration, physical simulation, and more – at levels of scale and immersiveness that require a constellation of open interoperability standards. Leaders from Metaverse Standards Forum, Khronos, Open Metaverse Foundation, OMA3, IEEE, and the Alliance for OpenUSD will host an open discussion with the SIGGRAPH community on the vision and requirements for an open and inclusive metaverse.
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Birds of a Feather
TimeMonday, 7 August 20239am - 10:30am PDT
LocationRoom 514
Session TimeMonday, 7 August 20239am - 10:30am PDT
LocationRoom 514
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