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Muu (2000): Artificial Creatures as an Embodied Interface
DescriptionWho are these mysterious objects that look like teardrops or eyeballs? These are the Infant-like Sociable Creatures we called "Muu," which we exhibited in the Emerging Technologies session at SIGGRAPH 2000.

We initially conceived of this as an embodied interface between us and the network information space about 23 years ago, when there were no products such as smart speakers and social robots. At the time, we tried to use an English speech recognition engine and dialog system to enable free conversation with these creatures in English, but we gave up because we were not ready in time. Instead, we hastily used inarticulate sounds like baby babble, and as a result, people with many types of languages enjoyed like infant-caregiver’s interactions.

In this exhibition, we decided to recreate the interactions of that time. In addition to these Muu, we will also introduce other recent Sociable Creatures that we have created, such as Talking-Bones, PoKeBo Cube and Lumos, etc.
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TimeTuesday, 8 August 202310am - 6pm PDT
Session Time & Location
Tuesday, 8 August 202310am - 6pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
Wednesday, 9 August 202310am - 6pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
Thursday, 10 August 202310am - 4pm PDTWest Hall A, Back of Exhibition Hall
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